Sorry we’ve been  a little quiet on here the past couple of weeks everyone but we have been busy behind the scenes sorting out lots of new exciting things for the refurbishment from fabrics to floors to menus. In our next post we shall be giving you a little look at some of our favourite options for the fabrics and fittings but for now here is a little look at the snug room.

The last building update saw the main window structure being taken out along the raised area. At that moment in time the snug room wall and windows remained in place however as you can now see the walls and windows of the snug room are no longer.


This new development will see the snug room rebuilt to a similar structure as before with the added protection from the flood defences.




In case you were wondering what has been happening inside this is a little harder for us to give you access to at the moment but here is a little snap of what the builders are up to behind the scaffolding. At present this is where most of you know as the raised area all looking a little different.

sea lane, 32 beach rd 001-1